We are coding the future

As The Code Republic, we develop our own technologies and code the future, as well as providing digital solutions.

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How can we help you?

Our Services

With which of our services, blended with years of experience, can we help you reach your brand/business to millions of potential customers?


SEO Supported and Optimized Website

We can set up a website with SEO support and optimized for fast opening so that your business/brand can rank at the top of the search engines.


Mobile Apps & Support

We can make a mobile application for your business/brand or we can provide development/renewal/integration and other software support for your existing mobile application.


UI & UX Design

We can work with you on User Experience and User Design for your brand/business and startup projects.


Graphic Design

We can make all your social media designs, campaign images, print designs.



We can add your brand/business to the map services of search engines, especially Google Maps, and we can integrate Instagram & Facebook Shop for your existing e-commerce sites.


Brand Management (only B2B)

We can manage your brand/business; From corporate identity to marketing, you can leave all the responsibility in professional hands.