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The Code Republic is a multinational software company founded in 2022 under the leadership of Cenk Kahramaner, which was drawn as an idea in 2020 and put on hold as a project. Designed in 2020 by Cenk Kahramaner and started its activities in 2022 with Fatih Örmekıran as Founding Partner, The Code Republic is an Estonia-based company that provides mobile application service, user interface service, SEO service, website service, corporate website service, e-commerce site service and also develops its own software.

Under the management of Gamze Bozkuş, Ecenur Şimşek, Cenk Kahramaner and Fatih Örmekıran, The Code Republic not only provides digital services but also develops its own software and technologies. The Code Republic; As a company blended with years of experience of the professional people it hosts, it provides Brand Management services to prepare brands for the future, especially for the digital future.

If you want to increase your sales and create brand awareness, you are in the right place!

Are you starting a new business? As The Code Republic, we can offer you all our services for your business to reach thousands of potential customers.

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